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Lily Made the Day! - UPDATE August 4, 2018

The kids and grandkids, here from Minneapolis and Colorado for a camping trip, capped it off watching gulls catch bologna and meeting some bears. Lily LynnLily and Lynn RogersWe got a call that RC and her 3 cubs were at a feeding site. We piled in the van and zipped over. We were watching RC interact with her cubs when, through the woods, another bear was approaching. It was Lily! What luck! The bear we all most wanted to see settled in at a feeding spot and went to work. She never gave a glance as I walked over and offered her some prime nuts which she ignored and continued working on her own pile. I stroked her back. No reaction. Donna, Kelly, Colleen, Kelly’s husband Mike, and our four grandkids (5, 6, 7, and 8) joined me near her. Lily looked up but quickly continued working to gain weight, maintain her pregnancy, and be able to make milk this winter. Then the approach of 3-year-old Spanky got her attention. He is known for his odd behavior. Although Lily ignored RC and her cubs, she wouldn’t tolerate Spanky. She went after him, vocalizing as she drove him off. Then she came back calm as ever. Spanky approached again. Lily addressed him. Spanky heard what she had to say and moved off. He circled around behind and is visible in the picture. At that moment, Lily was posing for a picture but she heard a tiny sound, turned and looked. She ran him off for good.

I’m guessing the kids will never forget what they saw and heard as Lily showed her trust of us and her behavior toward Spanky. The family got a look into the bears’ world. It made my day.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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