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A Wild and Wonderful Couple Days - UPDATE August 7, 2018

Hyperphagia struck, and bears were willing to supplement their wild berries and hazelnuts. Calls came in. Jewels cubJewels cubWe loaded up the group and went where the bears were. Lily, Shadow, Ursula, Ty, Jewel and her cubs, and many more. Here at the WRI, we added a platform where timid bears like Spanky could avoid competition. We added a pool where bears could cool off. Ricky looked like he was actually bathing and at times just relaxing. The light was low, which meant a slow shutter that shows the motion.TyTy

Big things are happening for the Cub Room. A video that Moe (Patrick McKibbage) filmed with Scott Edgett tells the story.

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ShadowShadow UrsulaUrsula


20180807 Ricky Tub 1 20180807 Ricky Tub 2 20180807 Ricky Tub 3 20180807 Ricky Tub 4 20180807 Ricky Tub 5  
Ricky playing in the tub  


Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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