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Two More Bears Arrive, Two More People Needed - UPDATE August 3, 2018

Among the bears showing up now are old V-Dot and Jenny-also Bow, JennyJennyTy, and Daisy. 8-year-old Jenny is unusual. Born to Annie, a non-clan mother in 2010, she was injured at the age of 2, and has since been fearful of other bears. At her favorite community feeding spot, the landowners made her a special feeding area away from the other bears. Jenny had her first litter in 2015 and managed to keep the cubs in tow even with her injured left front paw. She limps, touching only the tips of her toes or curling her left front paw over to walk on the top of that foot. The picture shows worn hair on the top of that foot.

Today, a couple had to drop out of the August 12-15 course to get a pacemaker. I wish them the best. If anyone can make plans this close to that date, please call Judy Thon (612-414-0759) or Lynn Rogers (218-365-4480). FYI, this is one of the Black Bear Field Study Courses that will be part of a TV documentary about them.

Flying squirrels at WRIFlying squirrels at WRI Morgan with turtleMorgan with turtle Josh with butterflyJosh with butterfly

At the Bear Center, critter time is popular, whether it is Intern Morgan teaching inside or Intern Josh releasing a monarch butterfly outside. The Bear Center is also popular with wild bears as the staff documented today.

Wild bear at NABC by pavilionWild bear by pavilion at NABCOut the window, flying squirrels feed closer to each other than red squirrels do.

Bear on trail - photo by David ZiegllerWild bear on nature trail at NABC - photo by David ZiegllerAs people got to know black bears in my old study area back in the 1980's, they not only coexisted with them; they became protective of them. Today, I learned that a child who grew up there is now a strong advocate for these bears in Montana. That's an example of why the North American Bear Center wants to expand its educational outreach to young people.

A bear walked across the parking lot at the NABC. After that, Petey and David Ziegller saw it on the trail about 15 feet from them.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear

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