Ted, Tasha, and More - UPDATE April 2, 2020

Pond Chat Mods are capturing nice pictures of Ted and Tasha in action—Ted with more and more snow-free areas for walking, and Tasha up the bears’ favorite climbing tree—a white pine, as in the wild. Black bears know what they like.

TashaTasha Ted  Ted TashaTasha

Out the window, a young bald eagle that was probably born last year or the year before landed close enough for a picture on this 52-degree day. Several flew over. In one case, 6 O’clock and his mate (herring gulls) were here for bologna and then 6 O’clock was high in the sky dive-bombing a passing eagle.Bald eagle juvenileBald eagle juvenile

In the yard, a doe that is showing her pregnancy rested on alert. Her big fawn from last year was 10 feet away doing the same. Several does were licking their fawns’ faces today with the fawns holding still for it. The peak of birthing is two months from now—usually said to be June first—when mothers shift their attention to the newborns.Doe restingDoe resting

When we see as much bare ground as we are seeing now, we know spring is almost here. Walking is still tough in the woods with the crust being strong enough to hold a person in early morning but weak enough to break through by afternoon. The snow is now a little less than knee deep in the shade. Gone in the sunniest spots.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center