Bear News from Sharon - UPDATE October 1, 2018

From Sharon Herrell:

The celebration of autumn has arrived with trees producing red, orange and yellow leaves in a magnificent display of color. Ted bowlTed bowlAs we move into the cooler season we help our bears transition by giving them straw to prepare their denning area.

Lucky and Holly have settled their differences and are sharing the large bunker. Personally, I don't think Lucky is fond of the sharing idea but Holly has moved in and that as we say, is that.

TashaTashaThis morning Joshua took the initiative to rebuild what he refers to as the “wood hinge”. Ted moved the logs with slight energy. Lucky had a look and walked away going to the lesser construction a few yards away. Conserving energy is a must now as our bears prepare for hibernation.

HollyHollyI've had many questions about Ted's health and how great he looks this year.  Ted is remarkable! He started the season at a lower weight than we have ever seen. We carefully worked with him to regain weight throughout the summer. On April 30, he weighed 515 pounds. He is now well over 600 pounds. There were no medication changes. In 2017 Ted started his medication in April. In 2018 he didn’t start his medication until June. Ted takes Tramadol both in the am and pm. He gets his anti-inflammatory, Meloxicam in the pm. He also takes glucosamine and fish oil.LuckyLucky

Ted has taken advantage of eating grasses on the mound, doing his visits to Tasha behind the mound, rubbing on trees, daily walkabouts, swimming, and resting in daybeds. He has also had some spunk in his walk. He has been nose to nose with Holly and Tasha and all has gone well.

There was a question also about Ted's coat being curly. Dr. Rogers says he thinks it happens in some black bear families. He sees it at the WRI and commented that their cowlicks and curly coats can identify bears.

In my many years with Ted, I've always been aware of his gentle nature, his voice when he hears children and his insistence that you NOT take his food bowl until he is clearly finished. I often tell our visitors that Ted has more fans than Brad Pitt, I think I truly believe that! Ted loves his mom, visits from Dr. Rogers, people, children and his bear care staff. In return, we all love Ted.

Ted Ted break Ted
Ted the big loveable bear

Thank you for watching and following our bears.
Sharon Herrell, Senior Bearkeeper
North American Bear Center.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center