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Jewel, 4 cubs, Shadow, and More - UPDATE July 20, 2020

Jewel and her four cubs were a big hit with the group today. A great day with comfortable temperatures, bears, beauty, and action on this sunny summer day. We glimpsed 33-year-old Shadow in the woods but want to see more of her graying face.

Jewels cubJewels cub Jewels 4 cubsJewels 4 cubs ShadowShadow


The two loon babies are surviving and growing fast as their parents bring them minnow after minnow. In the picture taken a half second after the transfer to the chick, you can see the other parent streaking by just beyond the fish in search of another fish to keep up the stream of food.

Loon feeding chickLoon feeding chick Red osier dogwoodRed osier dogwood Loon with fishLoon with fish

At the eagles’ nest, one eaglet that is nearly fully grown was perched near the nest and one of the parents was at the top of a big white pine nearby.

We were glad to see that red-osier dogwood berries survived the drought and were able to ripen with the recent rain.

Bald eagle juvenileBald eagle juvenile FireweedFireweed EagleEagle


The sun lit beautiful fireweed blossoms are a splash of color befitting to this gorgeous day with another great group.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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