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Sharon’s Bear Report - UPDATE July 19, 2020

Bear News – July 19, 2020

This week’s news: Bear Goodie Bags, Ted & Tasha have enough and Holly’s coat.

LuckyLuckyFirstly, a big thank you to the Northwoods Bear Foundation and the Lilypad Picnic team; together they raised $1,715 for the Bear Goodie Bags. Thank you to our interns for designing the bags and all of the Lilypadders that participated.

The Bear Center has been busy with visitors this past week. In the photo of Ted, he said good night after his dinner and put his paw over his eyes. This is unusual because Ted loves people, but he had eaten so well and had seen so many guests, he decided to nap and miss a couple of our Behind the Scene tours.TedTed

Our Tasha bear was in the same predicament, having eaten her treats and many Behind the Scene tours, she went to the rear of her enclosure and fell asleep. Interestingly, our visitors love seeing the bears regardless of whether they are up and ready to eat or resting.

Tasha napsTashaHolly bear stopped by the edge of the pathway for some quick raspberries. A bears’ long sticky tongue and prehensile lips (capable of grasping) allows them to readily eat and enjoy the juicy raspberries growing in the enclosure. The interns have picked several cups of Juneberries that grow in the front of the building. The plants, shrubs, and trees displayed as visitors come into the building depict many of the foods black bears eat in the area.

HollyHollyYou’ll notice the mound of fur that has accumulated on Holly’s back. She looks as though she has another animal riding on her, lol. As the week progressed, she rubbed most of it off. Both females have some fur left to shed out. Lucky has just started to shed and we’re seeing some brown patches in Ted’s coat as well.

Interns and Spencer pulling TansyInterns and Spencer pulling TansyLucky bear, handsome as ever, swam for an apple. He’s very skillful in the way he eats the apple, taking small bites and enjoying it. Some visitors are surprised at how slow and direct the bears eat. Visitors have also mentioned how strong the bears are as Lucky and Tasha move the logs around as they swim. It’s fun to see the bears in the water and Lucky eating the apples.

Thank you for all you do,
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bear Keeper

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