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Jack, Spanky, a Mystery Bear, and Gulls - UPDATE June 29, 2020

Mystery maleMystery maleIt feels good to have Jack back as his calm old self along with others that are coming in now after the mating season.

A bear we have yet to identify is the one pictured with a normal right ear and a nearly horizontal left ear and little else as identifying marks.

Someone asked about Shadow’s lastborn Spanky, who is now 5. He’s been erratically present and absent during the mating season and has now returned to the neighborhood with mating over. He is underweight with his difficulties ingesting food and keeping it in his mouth. Many residents have sympathy for him.

With bears getting most of the attention, a gull that is often overlooked shows the graceful way they glide white against the blue sky, smoothly circling and then descending on strong wings as they finally twist and turn, sometimes setting their wings vertically as they bank dramatically for sharp turns as they approach their destinations. Gulls are not as agile as hawks built for making sharp turns in pursuit of dodging birds. They are not as quick and agile as chickadees escaping through small openings between branches. But gulls have an appeal of their own.

Herring gullHerring gull Sharp turnSharp turn

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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