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Jack is Back and Bear News from Sharon - UPDATE June 28, 2020

Gray JackGray Jack Gray TedGray Ted


The world seems right with the appearance of ultra-gentle One-eyed Jack at 11 PM Friday night, June 26—his 18th year of coming. Jack is a favorite of course participants. Jack was one-eyed from the time we first saw him during our first Black Bear Field Course in 2003, and he appeared this year in time for our first course in 2020 that begins Sunday, July 5. He came again this evening in good enough light to see the white hairs on his forehead at 22-26 years of age and how similar they are to the white hairs on Ted’s forehead at 23 years.

From the Bear Center comes Sharon’s Bear news June 28, 2020 that includes a picture of Lucky standing on a rock to reach the new feeder just outside the viewing windows. With that setup, viewers are seeing the bears from a new and awesome angle.


This week’s news includes: Ted eating in his pool, Tasha stands up, and fun with Lucky and Holly.

ITed and his bowlTed and his bowl want to start with we never plan on what will happen with the bears, but Ted shared his plan with us. I asked the volunteer to just set Ted's bowl down so he could eat but as one of our volunteers approached him with his bowl, he gently took it from her hands, placed it on his paws and began to eat. After he had finished, it was reported by one of our Pond Chat moderators that he put the empty grape vine back in his bowl before leaving his tub.

A few days ago, we noticed a tick in Ted's right ear. It was reported to me and I had gone to get a glove to remove it. Ted took it upon himself to rub his ear against the cedar repeatedly and the tick was gone. He's such a great bear. He also had a short walkabout and returned casually to his den after his walk.

Lucky snacks, Holly watchesLucky snacks, Holly watchesLucky bear noticed that there was food in the new feeder and enjoyed the goodies while Holly watched. Holly enjoys climbing the Honey tree for treats. She has investigated the new feeder but hasn’t taken any treats from it. As time passes Holly and Tasha’s curiosity will take over and they too will find food rewards.

On Friday Lucky and Holly shared a peaceful moment of sitting together near the mound. They were waiting patiently for their dinner. They engaged in a bit of play and then ran off to the viewing area for dinner.

Tasha and LuckyTasha standsOur Tasha bear stood up as she watched Holly in the cabin enclosure. Bears often stand up to get a better look at their surroundings and assess the danger. In the wild many people mistake a standing bear as an attack. In reality, the bear is merely checking out what it’s seeing and smelling. By standing the bear can get a better view and smell. The bear’s sense of smell is its greatest faculty and at this point it assesses the “run in fear “or “all is well” factor. In Tasha's case, she was just checking to see what Holly was doing.

Holly and LuckyHolly and LuckyIt is with honor that I had the privilege of hearing many stories about the special relationship Dr. Rogers had with his friend Gerry the bear. Gerry was humanely euthanized 1 week ago after a long debilitating illness. She was 31 years old and will always live in the hearts of people who knew her or had heard the many wonderful stories about her life.

Thank you for all you do,
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bear Keeper


As Sharon said: Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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