A Face in the Window - UPDATE January 24, 2020

Suddenly, there was a face in the window. Then it turned to show me it is Streak or maybe say “I’m hungry”Mink StreakMink Streak 1-24-20 or “I have a broken lower left canine.” Any visit like that stirs action—a race to grab bologna and look closely. It might be Stripe who stopped coming when Streak took over. But we’re always looking to see if it might be the real Clear.

A couple days ago, Elizabeth Wallace helped clear up some of my confusion about who is who by telling me that her ferret went through changes in its markings until it was three years old. Maybe Streak did the same. The picture of Streak’s lookalike was a year ago, so there was time for a coat-change. That would reduce the number of Clears to two—the real Clear and now Streak. I’m including pictures here of Stripe, Clear, Streak, and the Streak lookalike. See what you think. We’ll keep our eyes open.

Mink Streak or not?Mink Streak or not? 3-22-19 Mink StreakMink Streak 1-24-20


Mink Clear 12-13-18Mink Clear 12-13-18 Mink Stripe 12 13 18Mink Stripe 12-13-18


Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center