Mink Mystery - UPDATE January 19, 2020

Clear or not Clear—that is the question. As New Mink started the day looking in the window, he or she was not aware of the many clever new names being circulated on Facebook. Curiosity made me look back at pictures of Clear and I found I hadn’t been observant enough. New MinkNew Mink 1-19-20Three or four different minks were marked as being Clear. Which one was the real Clear and which were imposters impersonating him or New Mink? Problems in looking at the pictures is differences in body position and lighting. Also, we’re not sure if white patches vary slightly from year to year. In person, I’d look closely enough to separate Stripe from Clear but didn’t look further as the mink flitted around with me trying to snap a picture. Differences in other markings down the throat and chest escaped me. They seldom were visible. They seldom stood up like New Mink did yesterday for his ID picture. Embarrassing! I’m supposed to be a scientist. Maybe detractors who say I am not a scientist are right—at least as far as mink go. Here are pictures of New Mink looking in the window and two old pictures of Clear. We’ll keep sharper eyes out for all the suspects.

After the snowstorm, few flakes fell today as shown in the chickadee picture.

At the Bear Center, Happy Cub captured 6 pictures that are in a 17-second video slide show. Happy Cub said Ted got up, shook off the straw, looked out the door at his kingdom, stretched, and licked snow before settling back down. https://www.facebook.com/139730642706794/videos/2681208182000081/?v=2681208182000081

New Mink 1-18-2020New Mink 1-18-20 ChickadeeChickadee


Mink Clear 12-13-2018Mink Clear 12-13-18 Mink Clear 03-22-2019Mink Clear 03-22-19 Mink female with striped chin 12-13-2018Mink female with striped chin 12-13-18

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center