Lily, Wolves, and Rain - UPDATE September 13, 2019

Lily, still in a safe place with the last big weekend of bear hunting starting, produced a video showing us what she thinks of wolves near her four cubs. WolfWolfThe poor quality night shot (not included here) shows a wolf approaching. Lily makes a short rush. The wolf retreats but seconds later approaches again. This time Lily lets the wolf know she means it, making a bigger, faster rush that really put the wolf on the run.

WolfWolfDifferent bears respond differently to wolves and vice versa. You might remember the picture of a few weeks ago of a wolf and bear quietly being maybe a foot apart elsewhere near here.

This afternoon a lean and hungry looking wolf stopped by the WRI and nibbled bear food for over a half hour. I snapped a couple pictures through a window so as to not scare it away. It looks different in different light but is the same wolf in each picture. Two scars between its eyes can identify it if we see it or a picture of it again. We also use trail cams to monitor wolf and bear movements.Blue JayBlue Jay

The rain has ended, I think, and the blue jays looked thankful for that with their drenched look.

Glad to have a dial tone and internet again.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center