A Good Day for the Mink - UPDATE February 28, 2019

I haven’t seen Stripe the Mink since January 18. That was the day I was surprised to see him when it was minus 24°F. Pine grosbeakMaybe that was too cold for the mink, too, because he disappeared after that. Finally, on this sunny day, with the temperature 27°F, Stripe showed at 1:15 PM. I looked for tracks entering the yard and found none. The first piece of bologna he took to the front steps of the first floor deck where he had calmly watched me drive in some weeks ago without budging. I figured he was living under there, but I’m not sure with all the fox traffic under there. Today, after that first piece, he was back up on the second floor deck faster than he could have eaten it, so he probably just stashed it there. The second piece he took down a snow hole that leads to a different part of the deck. After he had time to eat that piece he emerged from the step area, showing that the two entryways are connected. He had a piece of bologna in his mouth and hurried under my van and on to the garage which is another possible living area. There are holes in the wall leading down into holes in the ground.

He wasn’t done on this nice day. At 4:37 PM, he was back up at the door watching me come with a piece of bologna. This one he took down the snow hole again. That was it. I’m glad he is still alive. Mink trapping ends today.

Mink Mink
Mink  Mink

The other exciting sighting was a pine grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator). These uncommon birds have several plumage varieties. With a red head and gray body, this one did not quite fit the plumages shown in the bird books, but it definitely was a pine grosbeak. It sat long enough for a picture against the nice blue sky. See what you think.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center