Bucky, Spring Gathering - UPDATE February 26, 2018

I sat at my desk and watched for Bucky all day today. No sign of him since Saturday evening when I snapped these pictures. The teeth are either hidden in the fur or he is able to stretch his mouth over them. It is probably why I didn’t notice it the first several times I saw him.

Bucky right bad teeth Bucky left
 Bucky 2/24/18  Bucky 2/23/18 (from previous update)  Bucky 2/24/18


His eye that was a concern is ok, as you see in the picture attached tonight. I believe I was wrong that the wound on his face is from another squirrel. The picture of the two bad teeth from the earlier update now makes me believe the overgrown bottom tooth has penetrated the roof of his mouth and made the wound we can see. I suspect his odd chewing is because he has to adjust his jaw to get the tooth in that position so he can use his molars to chew the seeds.Scott and dogs crossing the finish lineScott and dogs crossing the finish line

I very much hope he comes back tomorrow. I’m ready with the live trap. I want to get him to the vet. Bucky typically arrives in the evening after the other squirrels leave, but he was a no-show today.

Scott Edgett with his sled dogScott EdgettOn a brighter topic, I just learned that the Spring Gathering that Sarah Rose and Dan Zirbes put together each year will be April 28 at Mystic Lake Casino/Hotel in Prior Lake, Minnesota, about 25 miles southwest of Minneapolis. Always fun. Great to meet so many Lily Fans! Donna and I are scheduling it in for a nice getaway. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/203389093575050.

Here’s a shot of Scott moments after the sled dog race. If he was sweating on that cold, windy day, it’s a good thing the race wasn’t today at 43°F.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center