Hunting is Over! - UPDATE October 15, 2017

Actually, we haven’t seen a hunter around here for nearly a month but still were counting the days. We remembered June getting killed on September 27 in 2013, so anything can happen, although that was a different situation with the DNR trying to take her and other top radio-collared bears out.Where Tasha is diggingWhere Tasha is digging

We are relieved that we didn’t lose any of the special bears that we know of. Many thanks to those who contributed for food.

Luckys denLuckys denWe are wondering about Jewel and Ethel and might find out more about Jewel one of these days when we check her favorite den.

Most of the bears have drifted off to dens from all the feeding sites around here. Only one bear, a young adult male, visited here last night arriving well after dark. This skittish newcomer started visiting in late summer. Bears often become more skittish shortly before going off to their dens. That was even true of Harry. I suspect they don’t want to take risks with their metabolism down. Harry was one of the last to leave. He came in late and skinny, and he stayed late to bulk up. He was almost up to last year’s weight when he left.Hollys denHollys den

At the Bear Center, Holly and Lucky appear content to den alone. They seem too lethargic to come out for breakfast but are still eating dinner.

Tasha keeps us guessing. She put a lot of work into making a den under the Cabin den. Now she is digging a den out in the woods over a hundred yards away. She has time to explore the possibilities. She has Kentucky genes and probably won’t become lethargic and settle down for awhile yet.

Ted is mellow as can be.

It’s nice to have hunting over for the year.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center