Lucky and Holly - UPDATE October 13, 2017

No pictures, but this morning Sharon opened the gate between Lucky’s and Holly’s enclosures. John Leonard gave each bear ½ bale of straw. Tasha 4/26/17Tasha 4/26/17Not much happened. Lucky eventually came over and took Holly’s straw. Sharon said Lucky was cautious and that she doesn’t think they will den together. She may leave the gate open over the weekend, but she says they both seem set on their own dens.

Out the window, a doe eating grass focused on something ahead. Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough to scare her. She moved ahead. Then we saw one of the gray foxes run out of some long grass and around the pond. I started clicking. The deer looked at the camera instead of the fox. Doesn’t she know she’s not supposed to look at the camera? Oh well.

Gray fox runningGray fox runningA Lily Fan asked about a 2018 calendar. I think we’re all deciding that because of time constraints, not enough good pictures, and declining calendar sales, we’ll skip this year and see what we come up with next year. We will have holiday cards this year, though. We’re going to try harder to get good pictures.

Today, Sharon mentioned she liked this picture of Tasha from back on April 26 and wanted one. But it has only enough pixels to look good at 5x7 inches, not calendar size.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center