Thank you, Charlie!


Snowy driveway and the sign for Wildlife Research Institute's Northwoods Research Center
Sue and Lynn were stuck doing paperwork on this pretty winter day (0F), but Jason and Charlie were out with Charlie’s tractor pulling out the truck Jason got stuck when he went off the snowy road yesterday.  It took Charlie about an hour each way to drive his slow tractor in the cold to help out.  Many thanks to Charlie.  After getting unstuck, Jason snowmobiled to the den shed and wiped a couple inches of snow off the solar panels to maximize the energy gain on this beautiful clear day.

Hope continues to suckle although we don’t think she is getting much milk.   This makes us wonder what will happen when there is milk after cubs are born.  The time is getting close.

Linda Gibson is away for a few days, but Lily fans are recording times when there is den activity so she can capture videos when she gets back.


Today, the Lily fan family grew to over 123,000.  Beverly Hammond surveyed the Lily fans who have posted recently to find where they are located.  Posts are from 18 countries and every state except Hawaii and Rhode Island.  Wow!

Sue Gottscho is organizing a letter writing blitz to National Geographic to urge them to air ‘The Bear Family and Me’ on National Geographic Channel so we all can see those three BBC documentaries.  Over 130 letters have been sent so far!  They have got to pay attention to that!

Sue Yost posted that she was buying Lily a new radio-collar for $250 and asked who might join her.  You have sent at least $1,080, which is enough for four radio-collars!  Thank you.

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center