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Lucy Breaks Up and Pairs Up? - UPDATE June 3, 2024


Lucy 8-13-23Lucy 8-13-23Yesterday, Lucy visited but seemed distracted. Then I saw why. Trudeau appeared. When she left she took a path that would not bring her near him, but Trudeau saw her leaving and hurried to catch up. As Lucy headed down to the beaver dam to cross over and away, she hurried by her three female yearlings as they ran up a white pine with Trudeau approaching fast. Lucy is a terror with bears that she doesn’t want around, but in this case she was hurrying away and ignoring her daughters. I wondered if this was her switching point like I’d seen before when a mother turns from her treed yearlings and goes off with a male.

Trudeau markingTrudeau markingToday, Lucy visited again. Her yearlings weren’t with her and she seemed distracted. Trudeau appeared, this time standing up to scent-mark tree after tree. Lucy’s cubs were up a big white pine with Lucy not paying any attention to them. It was not like three days ago when they were all together and Lucy was talking to them with motherly grunts. Again she left like she was trying to avoid Trudeau. He didn’t immediately follow, giving me a quick opportunity for a picture of him, but then he was off on her trail. I suspect Trudeau is being patient but staying near her, maybe to chase off other males? We’ll see what we see tomorrow.

Lucy with Desi and Arnaz 6-8-21Lucy w/Desi & Arnaz 6-8-21I don’t have any pictures of Lucy from this year, but to show what she looks like here is one of her face from last year and another from three years ago when she was nursing Desi and Arnaz on the alert with her ears forward as is usual for this very defensive mom. To me, she is a sweetheart, but I suspect the bears she’s chased think differently.

I hope I can see her tomorrow. Will she and Trudeau be kind of together again? Today, Trudeau didn’t seem interested in food. We’ll see if Lucy is interested in food as she was today. From the look of Trudeau’s ears, I suspect he is persistent and doesn’t tolerate competition. Trudeau is the one bear who Spanky can’t chase away.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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