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Shy Bears, Color, Etc. - UPDATE October 19, 2021

Quaking AspenQuaking Aspen glowing in the sun

With a mother and her 2 cubs (probably Lucy or Chloe) being caught only on camera in the middle of the night now (the eyes of the night are back in Indianapolis for the rest of this month), the only bears we are seeing are a few shy adolescents that are probably not our usual bunch. Most of the bears are undoubtedly off hibernating now.Culvert that bear enteredCulvert that a bear entered

Today someone showed me a culvert he had seen a bear enter a couple weeks ago. The bear had approached the highway and suddenly disappeared. I wondered if the bear was hibernating, so we peeked into it. Nothing. Maybe the bear was using it as a mini-underpass to avoid traffic. Maybe it was just using it as a secure resting place. On the other hand, bears investigate many possible denning spots through the year. I guess anything is possible, but I was surprised that it was a culvert under a busy highway.

The most spectacular view today was a pair of quaking aspens in full yellow that the low sun was making exceptionally yellow. I had to back up and click it.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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