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RC With All Four - UPDATE May 15, 2021  

RCs JacksonRC's Jackson RC's Jackson in treeRC's Jackson in tree RC's JosieRC's Josie

RC and her four are back together, so we haven’t missed family break-up with them yet. They appeared here today about 8:20 AM for weights and ID pictures. They made weighing difficult by getting on the scale all at once, but as they got on and off, it looked like they weighed 50, 50, 58, and 68 with RC weighing about 252.

They showed their chest blazes better than ever today, but I need another opportunity like this to get them all pinned down. Jackson, the only male, did the best, giving a good view of his face and chest for a catalog picture.

RC's four yearlings

It’s super having RC here like this after the family has spent most of their time at other feeding stations. When they are up in trees, it’s hard to see blazes because the yearlings are usually lying on them or have them pressed against the tree trunk. But Josie, the one with the injured nose, showed her blaze up in a tree better than ever. At other times, like in the family picture here, they don't typically spread their forelegs enough to see the whole blaze. Jackson showed them how to pose, but they didn’t pay attention.

I hope they keep coming. I want to pin down Jenna’s and Julia’s blazes better.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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