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Testing the Waters - UPDATE May 2, 2021  

Pontoon with Lynn and DonnaPontoon with Lynn and Donna

On a beautiful 74°F day of blue sky and water, Donna and I got on the water for the first time this year. We made the required pontoon pilgrimage to Lily’s den of 2010 where she gave birth to Hope. Then we switched to a canoe and Woods Lake to listen for telltale sounds of young beavers coming from beaver lodges but heard nothing. Beaver Lodge on Woods LakeBeaver Lodge on Woods LakeTwo beavers from the lodge pictured were active after dark when bears had become the focus. Bears included Valentine and her two yearlings. They also included 8-year-old Eli who was part of the Beary-Go-Round action with Lily in March 2013. Andrew, the 3-year-old descendent of Shadow, Blackheart, Dot, and mother Vanna put in an appearance along with others. Spanky came by, too. Things are perking up early. It won’t be long until spring green-up has green sprouts of bear food growing all over the woods.

Lily and Hope Den from 2010Lily and Hope Den from 2010At the Bear Center, Lucky gave a peek into his mind that Taught caught in this 2-minute video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeA7hqqqVxs. He investigated a dead tree that I believe has provided him with new wooden toys before. At first he tried to shake it. When it didn’t fall over, he climbed it and broke off a toy from the top. The video ends with Lucky going wild playing with it.

At the Bear Center, the bears are eating grass like the bears here are doing along with deer and woodchucks.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center


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