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A Big Mistake - UPDATE April 14, 2021

SpankySpanky came back

Spanky is back. The den cam is gone. I made a big mistake having the den cam removed yesterday. With false confidence, I made the decision yesterday after he had been gone for more than 2 days. We are missing information as a result. But thank goodness for trail cams. Spanky was back in the area by last evening and was in his den by 10:13 PM. Lynn's birthday cakeLynn's birthday cakeToday, he still in the area at 5:06 PM and was in his den by 8:30 PM when I took this picture with a long lens and flash from well outside the den. I told him it was okay, and he said with his body language (his head resting on his paw with his eyes closed): “I know it’s okay. Don’t be offended if I don’t pay attention. I just want to sleep.” I got the hint and left. A trail cam will now record his comings and goings. I feel bad not only for the missed data but also for all the people who will miss him prematurely. As a teacher said, ” My science class will miss him”

As you can see, I am still learning. I wish I would have left the den cam running to learn even more.

Oh, on another note, Spanky inspired one of the watchers to send a late birthday cake with beautiful art of Spanky lying in his den with his feet up which the cake artist drew from one of the den cam screen captures.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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