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June Remembered, Ted Out and About - UPDATE October 9, 2020

I was happy that someone spotted and sent me this Eulogy for 12-year-old June. JuneShe was killed on September 27, 2013 after a lifetime of revealing secrets of bear life, refuting old misconceptions, giving the world a new view of black bears. It was nice to see her remembered so eloquently by Dr. Gay Bradshaw.

In a way, Ted is doing more of the same for bears, showing a loving side of bears that surprises many.

Today, Ted took a walk and recorded his weight—677 pounds, putting him at about the weight that Sharon and our veterinarian want him to be at this time of year. Good going, Sharon, for taking such good care of your friend.

Ted getting a weigh inTed getting a weigh in TedHandsome Ted


After about 45 minutes of visiting the viewing area where he became famous for lounging on his preaching log, he ambled back toward his familiar abode, stopping along the way to eat rye grass that he likes.

Ted enjoying rye grassTed enjoying rye grass 20201009 enjoying the morning sunEnjoying the morning sun

“Happy Cub” captured the pictures and included these words:

“Ted enjoyed a stroll to the pond this morning - he is on his way back to his enclosure at the moment. He enjoyed one of his faves - rye grass on the mound, got a weigh-in, foraged around the pond area for treats and enjoyed the morning sunshine. Moderator “Taughtbybears” did a great job on the cams, and maybe we will see a nice vid to come for those that missed. Here are some screen shots in the meantime.”

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute

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