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Great Group - UPDATE July 6, 2020

It is nice to have the Black Bear Field Courses started and be among people who are amazed at what black bears are really like and want to know so much more. Sun shade for bear course attendeesSun shade for bear course attendeesA couple who have wanted to come for years finally found a way. A science teacher who loves teaching in innovative ways is looking forward to all she can share with her students. Another is a lady who has loved bears for her entire life and has followed the saga of these bears for over a decade. She is here as a birthday present from her husband.

For eating, Mike and Lorie made two picnic tables so we can eat outside. In case it rains, they bought a big canvas sun shade. For any mosquitoes, they arranged fans. All worked perfectly with one problem. It was hot. God fixed that with a rain shower that dropped the temperature from 90 to 67. Deer, bears, and woodchucks watched as we ate.At 8:23 pm July 5 in ElyAt 8:23 pm July 5 in Ely

The good temperatures of yesterday continued into today. Then a forecast thunderstorm suddenly hit with a wind that made big white pines bend with a flexibilityI didn’t know they had. When the sun shade levitated on its ropes, the group ran out the door in stocking feet to hold it down and began dismantling iDeerDeert while branches from the bending white pines showered down around them.

Now, the evening is calm, the sky is clearing, and bears are showing themselves one after another—Braveheart, Ty, Bramble, Pete, VDot, and others. Their antics create laughter and excitement. It was extra good to see 18-year-old Braveheart who I haven’t actually seen for a year or two. She is still her same old calm and reliable self—so many memories with her. Everyone was glad to meet her.

The laugher and excitement I hear downstairs is making me smile as I write this.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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