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Bear News From Sharon and More - UPDATE June 7, 2020

Bear News – June 7, 2020

Ted splashTed splashIt’s raining and 46 degrees in Ely this morning. We've had a couple of windy days which can spark fires so it’s a much-needed rain.

The North American Bear Center welcomed four new eager interns this week. They are anxious to educate the public and talk about our beautiful bears. Their backgrounds range from zoology, biology, environmental science and fish and wildlife.

Lucky eatingLucky eatingDuring the course of their stay with us they will learn bear care, public speaking, working as part of a team and gain a volume of experience. They will introduce themselves on public broadcasts soon.

Yesterday, was National Black Bear Day. The Bear Center staff and interns celebrated with our bears by cleaning the bunkers. In the past this particular task has been left to the interns as an initiation. Today, it still remains that. The interns have arrived at a time when work is at its peak and the females are in estrus.

As many of you watched and showed concern for Ted bear this week, it is with great pleasure to tell you he is doing well. As I worked with our staff and veterinarians we were baffled and guessing as to what may have caused him to be lethargic and show little interest in foods. The best guess was the medicines upset his system. The medications haven't changed but maybe at 23 years old Ted's system did.

I tried to get a urine sample, but I couldn't get my timing with his need to pee. His scat was negative for parasites. I am thankful for our moderators who kept an eye on him while he was resting.HollyHolly

In other news, our two females seem to be in competition for handsome Lucky. As you all know Lucky is castrated but he is still interested in our two females. Tasha is especially after his attention this year, but he still wants to mate with Holly. Stay tuned.

The bear center will be opening soon, so stay with us as we welcome visitors. We can’t wait to welcome visitors and for our interns to begin their public speaking education.

Tasha and LuckyTasha and LuckyI want to also thank all of you for voting on your favorite pinata to be given to your favorite bear. The voting continues until noon on June 13th. We appreciate every vote/donation which go directly to bear care and food. Don’t forget to join the fun on June 14th at 10am on our LIVE cams as each of the bears receive their pinatas and we pull the Grand Prize winners.

Thank you for all you do,

Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bearkeeper/Curator

RustyRustyOut the window, Rusty cruised through with a brief stop. He is busy but alone at the moment. He is the suspected father of the brown cubs we’re seeing with Fern and Pixie this year.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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