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Visitors Included Stripe! - UPDATE January 16, 2020

As I sat at the computer the last couple days, warm suet attracted ravens with their excellent sense of smell; sunflower seeds attracted goldfinches; and Stripe was here for bologna after not being seen for a week. Mink StripeMink StripeShe came out of a hole in the snow at the base of the steps and was her old self running up the steps trip after trip in a quest that ended up being 10 pieces of bologna stashed under the deck. I was excited to see her, and she was good to tip her head up to show her chin patch with a stripe on each side of it.

I’ve looked for tracks every day and saw none until she made her appearance. Mink are said not to hibernate, but I wonder if they’ve been studied well enough to know whether they drop their metabolism periodically to help themselves through winters where lakes are iced in right up to the shore and mice are under a couple feet of snow that has no crust and could make mink vulnerable to traveling otters. If so, Stripe has it made here. I hope she shows us babies (called cubs or kits) in early summer.

Mink StripeMink Stripe RavenRaven Goldfinch maleGoldfinch male


Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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