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Off to see Family and Old Friends - UPDATE January 4, 2020

Tomorrow morning it’s off to the airport to visit my mother, sister, daughter and her husband, granddaughter, and old buddies from the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in a whirlwind trip, returning Tuesday night late. On Wednesday, I’ll be back in the groove at my desk.

Lynn, Donna and MamaLynn, Donna and Mama Lynn with foster parentsLynn with adoptive parents


Today was mostly getting ready for the trip, but it was nice to see the deer out the window. Some are skittish. Others know the program and calmly watch me bring food. If I’m inside, I can go up to the window and watch the deer on the other side of the glass look at me and return to eating. It feels good to be accepted like I’m a harmless part of nature. Having that feeling was a favorite part of my career as I walked with bears, deer, and moose for 24 hour periods being ignored as my teammates and I recorded data in turn.

Today, I brought a big ham bone from home with enough meat to weigh 2 or 3 pounds. I set it on the snow at one of the two entrances the mink uses to get under the front deck, thinking it would be too heavy for a mink to carry off. But when I returned maybe 3 hours later it was gone with mink tracks and big wing feather patterns on the snow. I suspect that Stripe and ravens colluded to devour it. I don’t know where the bone ended up, but I like to think it is under the deck with enough scraps left on it to be on the menu for Stripe. Bologna will again be on the menu come Wednesday.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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