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Lily!!! and 4 Cubs - UPDATE August 6, 2019

Finally! Lily!! And she immediately was the same as always. Her cubs were up a white pine. Lily with her distinctive faceLilys distinctive faceShe was alert for other bears and took after one that passed by only 40 yards away. Lily's cub with  heartLily's cub with heartMeanwhile, she ignored the people. She was in a safe, familiar place she knew. As she passed by a 74-year-old woman, she paused and sniffed the woman intently as tears of joy streamed down the woman's face. She had followed and loved Lily from Day 1 back in 2010. She was finally meeting Lily, and Lily had singled her out. Another said, “It couldn’t be any better!”

Meanwhile, others of us were determining the sexes of Lily’s cubs—two males and two females—all with distinguishing faces and chest patches. One of the males has a heart on his chest. More to follow on this meeting, but this is a start.Lily starting her chaseLily starting her chase

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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