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Catching Up: Hinckley, Fox, and Mink Were Fun - UPDATE April 15, 2019

Hinckley was great. I very much enjoyed being with such a great group of caring people—caring about bears, each other, our mission.Pileated malePileated male Nice to be together.

Back at the WRI, the fox and mink were good to see again. I had worried about the fox, which I hadn’t seen for a few days. I think the minks are back to being territorial. In March, Clear and Stripe might have mated. They weren’t that adversarial. Mink matings were reported from the neighborhood on March 18 and March 28. Now in mid-April, Clear chased Stripe far into the woods, making me worry, and then Stripe showed up a day or two later unharmed and was chased away again just as vigorously. I read that they are very territorial most of the year. I suspect he will be around all summer.

In the snow a few days ago, the male pileated woodpecker stopped by.

Herring gull pairHerring gull pairNow with that snow mostly melted two gulls came together. The way they were together, I’m sure they’re a mated pair. One is a big male, the other a female. I knew the female was a catcher. I threw a piece of bologna. They were both catchers! The male turned out to be a super catcher. He leaped into the air to catch a poorly thrown piece. Then I missed worse than ever and they both flew to the ground to retrieve it. I wondered if they would recognize a piece of bologna being thrown down from the second floor deck. The super catcher leaped high in the air to make another valiant catch. We’re in for fun action with these.

Nice to be back with good memories after a great afternoon in Hinckley. One of the Hinckley participants asked who might be having cubs this year. I had trouble remembering but knew one was Lily.* That was good enough. She’s coming to a course, leaving 11 openings.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

*Note from one of the editors: "Lily, Donna, Braveheart, Ursula, Shannon, Star, Wendy, and Ellie should all have cubs in 2019"

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