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Ambassador Bears and Wild Bears - UPDATE August 12, 2018

 Bear News from Sharon

Today’s Bear News or should I say today’s bear question.Bows cub femaleBows cub female

The current speculation about Tasha’s 2017 den is now obvious to us; Holly has indeed made herself at home in Tasha's old den. The question is will she use it? To add just a bit more interest, Holly has twice checked out Lucky's nice straw bed and the small bunker. So many unanswered questions…

Holly near dug den Holly in dug den
Holly checking out Tasha's dug den

Will Holly den in Tasha’s dug den? Will she return to the small bunker alone? Will she den with Lucky again? The suspense will build until she finally chooses.

The current hot weather is very hard on the bears. We try to keep them as cool as possible and that is why Ted stays in at times and Tasha is in the Haven. Ted posing on moundTed posing on moundBoth of those dens have tree shade for the bears. The cabin canopy is open and very sunny as are the bunkers. Ted and Tasha often get showers from the interns; another way to help keep them cool. Tasha loves to play with the water from the hose.

Tasha coming from pond areaTasha coming from pond areaWhen the bears are in the 2.5 acres they have the forest to rest in and the pond to swim in. The bear rotation times are scheduled so each bear has time to swim, forage and see people.

In the pictures this week I included, Morgan our intern, preparing dinner following the food chart I prepare for the bears. The interns follow the chart so they know exactly how much food the bears should receive for their dinner and breakfast. After the food is plated the interns record their meals in the food chart log. Hope you enjoy the other photos included in this week’s edition.Lucky on moundLucky on mound

I want to again thank our interns that are leaving, Emily, Kayla, and Norveig for a summer well done. I wish you all the very best in the coming year. Morgan preparing mealsMorgan preparing mealsWe look forward to continuing to work with Morgan, Josh, and our new intern Jack.

Sharon Herrell, Senior Bearkeeper
North American Bear Center

In the wild, we were glad to see June’s long-time mate Big Harry appear, although walking with signs of age. He has to be in his 20’s.

Ursulas yearlingUrsulas yearling12-year-old Bow put in an appearance with 2 cubs, both females. Also, her 3-year-old daughter Nancy appeared with 3 cubs that we didn’t see well enough to determine the sexes.

A yearling bear that we believe from its overall coloring to be one of 13-year-old Ursula’s, walked out of the bushes in light that showed its eyes and the beauty of its face. We’re hoping for a longer look to determine the sex and identity.

A call just came in that Shadow appeared. Moving out.

Another great group.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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