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Bears, Deer, and a Great Group - UPDATE July 23, 2018

Kindred spirits generate good feelings. That’s why I look forward to the Black Bear Field Courses, and this one did not disappoint. HerbieHerbieSeeing people thrilled to meet wild bears and change their views makes me happy. 3-year-old Ricky went far in doing that. So did 6-year-old Herbie and 13-year-old Pete, among others. A puzzling bear is 3-year-old Spanky, son of Shadow, probably the last bear she will have. He was born when Shadow was 28, setting a world record for the oldest black bear to give birth. Spanky is somehow different. He seems to be developmentally disadvantaged. He is small for his age; has an odd, jerky walk; is socially different; and has a hard time ingesting food. We’ll continue to monitor his behavior to be more specific and see how he further develops.

Fawns leaping ashoreFawns leaping ashoreThe pontoon ride was interesting from beginning to end. Some of the loons were busy foraging. Others were resting and preening. As we approached the eagle’s nest on Eagles Nest Lake Two, an adult flew onto it even though the young had fledged. Visiting Lily and Hope’s den of 2010 was meaningful to everyone aboard. The ride ended with a doe and two fawns swimming to an island and leaping ashore, something I hadn’t seen before.

Looking forward to bears this evening and what happens tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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