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Tasha, Ailing Bear, A Memory - UPDATE July 16, 2018

Tasha is doing what the wild bears are—eating berries as shown in this 48-second video

Berries are extra big as well as super abundant—a bumper year for bears. Expecting lots of cubs in 2019.

Sadly, I suspect the ailing bear moved on—a disappointment as we wanted one more opportunity to help this skittish subadult. It was anguishing to see him put his muzzle into a bowl of water and be unable to close his mouth or lap water—getting none. It was anguishing to see him paw at food and put his mouth down making feeding movements with his head but unable to stick out his tongue and get any food. The few things he did get in his mouth he was unable to swallow and ended up dropping and pawing at them to no avail. He is unable to swallow. Once, he twisted his tongue up to the roof of his mouth and had trouble getting his tongue back straight. Everything points to him having a stick caught between his back upper teeth as is common with dogs and is strongly suspected by the two veterinarians I spoke with. He hadn’t been seen this year before Saturday, July 14. He appeared again briefly on Sunday morning but nothing since. He was last seen heading steadily north on Sunday. Photos from the past and present identify him as 2-year-old Dobie, a great great grandson of Shadow (Shadow, Blackheart, Dot, Vanna, Dobie). We’ll see if he shows up again. The landowners are staying home to not miss him. They are ready for his next visit. Let’s hope there is one. I want to report another miracle like I reported for Quill a couple years ago.

On a happier note with the LilyPad Picnic starting this Friday, this video shows a good time a few years ago with everyone singing Waltzing With Bears. That song alone brings back another happy memory of when a version of it (Walking With Bears) was the theme song of my old weekly talk show on WELY radio.

The Black Bear Field Study Course participants are off watching Donna at the moment. A nice day.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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