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22 Hours to Go - UPDATE July 4, 2018

On June 28, Lily Fans decided to show their appreciation to Al and Kim Garber for what they did to put my research on track toward all that happened since 1999. I cannot show my appreciation enough. Lily Fans are making it possible to do that.Vote

Voting began with Al and Kim behind 56 to 450. Lily Fans put Al and Kim in the race. The next day, we were still in second place but the score of 405 to 840 showed that we were fighting. On June 30, the score was 706 to 1,003. We were closing the gap. On July 1, the gap was smaller at 1,023 to 1,211. My heart sang. Al and Kim were thankful. It looked possible to take over the lead by the time voting ended at 2pm Hawaii time on July 5 (7pm CST). On July 2, we took over the lead at 1,312 to 1,308. On July 3, Lily Fans rallied with 377 votes to make our lead 1,689 to 1,353. Today, we celebrated July 4th with a lead of 1,989 to 1,360. But another contender has emerged, racking up 430 votes in 24 hours to total 1,352 votes.

But I doubt that this new contender has the power of Lily Fans. I believe that another day of strong voting will keep us in the lead. Thank you for what you are doing here.

NOTE FROM LINDA: When I gave Dr. Rogers the numbers reflected above at 5:30 this evening, it did not look urgent to either of us, we were over 600 points ahead. However, a quick refresh of the numbers tonight show that the contender has very nearly caught up! If we are to win this contest we may need to call upon the help of family and friends. Please share this post on facebook: 

2037 - Camp'in and uke'in by Kim G

1875 - U Family (linked so you can keep track)
1363 - Sunset Melodies

20180702 Vote
Here’s how to vote:

Go to

Scroll down past the form until you see the photos.

Click the heart in the vote box under the photo:
Camp’in and Uke’in (which will be at the top of the list)

Type in your mobile number

Click on Send Code

Look on your cell phone for the six number code
that will be sent to you.

Type in that code to register your vote.

If you want to share on facebook, here is a link you can use:

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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