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Jack, Annie, New Wildlife - UPDATE September 29, 2017

As bear visits wind down here, we heard that Jack again visited the feeder 9 miles away. I don’t know why he left here to go there, but last evening he ate 10 pounds of peanuts in the shell and 3 pounds of sunflower seeds.Annie and her cubs 9/5/17Annie and her cubs 9/5/17

Annie and her cubs 8/31/17Annie and her cubs 8/31/17We received pictures of Annie and her 5 cubs at one of their favorite feeders.

As I wrote that, 11-year-old Bow’s 2-year-old daughter Rachel stopped by.

Meanwhile, bears are being replaced by gray foxes (a pair hunting at dusk) and by the first mink I have seen in months.

Herring gulls are temporarily replaced by a flock of crows that will migrate themselves in a month or two.

We haven’t heard a gunshot for maybe two weeks.

Gray Fox Mink
Gray Fox Mink
Crow Crow
Crow Crow

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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