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Comments From Former Students

"The value of attending and hearing Rogers’ first-hand experience(s) combined with being able to question and discuss bears, their habits and life-cycles, with him was much greater than I’d expected. I encourage anyone wavering on taking one of his short courses to make the decision to sign up. Attending was an experience that far exceeded my expectations and one that I’ll never regret."
Bob - Vermont 2018

"I had followed Dr. Rogers’ research for years, but I was completely unprepared for the emotional impact of coming face-to-face with ‘my’ bears. Most people don’t get to observe bears’ gentle natures as they exhibit natural behaviors and interact—all narrated by the foremost expert in the world. Our day was filled with opportunities to see his research firsthand. Sharing this experience with other bear enthusiasts was moving, meaningful and unforgettable."
Barb - Canada 2018

"Imagine the thrill of seeing your first black bear emerging from the woods and moving your way! That is what you will experience while participating in a Black Bear Field Course. I enjoyed the field study course so much the first time, I had to take it again! Activities are well planned, 3 beyond-excellent healthy home cooked meals each day, beautiful views from the cabin and bears, bears, bears! Dr. Rogers and/or his staff are always with participants when bears are around. Being one of the world's foremost experts on black bear behavior, Dr. Rogers' well-planned lectures are incredibly educational and interesting. I can't wait to take another Course!"
Linda - New York 2018

"Caution: This field study course and bear-watching can become addictive. And there’s no treatment except a return trip to Ely. Without exaggeration, this course was one of the most enjoyable, transformative and memorable experiences of my life. I’m still processing all the wondrous things I learned from the bears, Dr. Rogers and Lorie. This course is a one-of-a-kind opportunity you won’t find anywhere else."
Ellen - Pennsylvania 2018

"Learning directly from Dr. Rogers and from the bears themselves was transformative. I was already interested in black bears, but now I truly feel knowledgeable about them. There were plenty of opportunities to have my questions answered, and the bears provided moments that were special beyond my ability to describe them adequately. I came away with a new appreciation for the bears and for the beautiful forest they live in."
Becky - Wisconsin 2017

"We interacted with bears from the moment we got out of our vehicles when arriving at the WRI building until the moment we drove away at the end of the course. The experience was a magical time. I learned a lot, and I will never look at black bears the same way again."
Jill - Washington 2017

"The course is wonderful. It will give you a really good understanding of how the bears really behave, followed by an actual demonstration when they arrive and start to interact with you. They are amazing creatures. The experience changed my life for the better. I will never forget it or stop giving thanks for what Dr. Rogers has done, both for me and for our companions on this journey, our great American black bears. Thank you all for allowing me to participate!"
Michael - Virginia 2017

"The course easily exceeded my high expectations. It was the most exciting and wonderful experience of my life and I can't wait to do it again.
Dr. Rogers' lectures and stories during delicious home-cooked meals were a great pleasure and very informative. Meeting and watching bears I had only read about before was thrilling and surreal. I revisit my memories with great pleasure every day."
Diane - Connecticut 2017

"We have been at the course three times over the last seven years and each time we learned something more about these magnificent creatures. Not a hole library can’t teach you what you here can learn directly from the bears. In addition, we had the unique opportunity to hear directly from Dr. Lynn Rogers what he has experienced in the many years he studied the bears."
Cristina, Letizia & Alfredo - Italy 2017

"Attending a 2017 Bear Study Course was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. I learned more about bears than I hoped for, and saw more bears (and cubs!) than I thought I would. I also didn’t expect to see much of Dr. Rogers, and to have him spend time with us at meals, regaling us with his stories, in addition to his lectures, was absolutely wonderful. I’m planning to come back for another course!
All the people at the bear center and at the course were so informative and friendly, I honestly do not know how it could be improved. Keep up the good work!"
Laurie - Connecticut 2017

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