We plan to write updates all summer

January 29, 2010 - 8:19 PM CST

Today, at one week of age, we had hoped to name the cub, thanks to all your help.  Now, it’s looking better to wait a bit.  So his or her name is cub for the moment.

To answer a question in Facebook:  Lily and her cub will likely leave their den in mid-April.  We plan to write updates about Lily and the cub all summer until they enter a den again next fall.  We know what Lily and the cub mean to everyone, as they do to us, and we won’t let you down.  If Lily and the cub are cooperative enough to den near utilities again, we will insert another den cam next winter.  There is so much we all can learn with your help.  We appreciate how many of you have volunteered to record minute by minute behaviors.  Two people are covering each 2-hour period around the clock daily.

As we write updates on Lily and her cub this spring, summer, and fall, the BBC will be making three documentaries of them—one for each season.  The BBC (and we) will also be documenting Lily’s relationship with her mother June.  I suspect that if the following for these bears is large enough, the BBC would come back in spring 2011 to film another season.  That season would include Lily and the yearling emerging from their den in April and the two going their separate ways in late spring as Lily finds a mate and the yearling becomes independent.  We hope the cub/yearling is a female so she will stay in the area for long-term study.  Males often move far away after they become independent.   If the cub is a female, we will document her continued relationship with Lily after family break-up, just as we are documenting Lily’s relationship with June.  All are part of a clan we’ve been studying for five generations.  The matriarch is 20-year-old Shadow, Lily’s grandmother.

We hear your desire for Lily memorabilia and are in the process of getting mugs and mouse pads.  We thank you so much for your contagious enthusiasm and much needed support.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, North American Bear Center