Spanky Camera and His Activities - UPDATE April 13, 2021

We took Spanky’s camera down today, confident that he would not return. He has now been gone just 3 hours short of 3 days. He left at 12 minutes after midnight on the early morning of April 11.

Markings by Spanky Markings by Spanky
Markings by Spanky


The young red pine that he marked with his claws 5-6 feet above the ground showed that he also climbed up and marked it up to 12 feet above ground. He tore many branch tips off the tree. They form a trail to his den and are where the pine branches came from that he raked under the porch a week or two ago.

Willow catkinsWillow catkins Hazel male catkinsHazel male catkins Hazel broken by SpankyHazel broken by Spanky


About 40 feet from the den, he broke hazel stems so he could eat the male catkins as I’ve seen other bears do. He completely cleaned the catkins off the stems he broke.

At the WRI, willow catkins are coming on, which are another early food for bears.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center