Tasha, Spanky and Wildlife - UPDATE March 28, 2021

Tasha breaking creek iceTasha breaking creek iceA chill followed the snowstorm of a couple days ago, so Tasha had to break ice to get a drink from the creek at the Bear Center.

At Spanky’s den, Spanky is still taking walks despite a half foot of new snow. This evening he was out for about 2 hours, but I didn’t go fix his microphone because I learned that the job is above my pay grade. We’ll have to wait until later this week when a technician who knows that stuff is available.


Dark-eyed junco maleDark-eyed junco male Herring gullHerring gull


Out the window, the usual wildlife sparked this day at my desk. Gulls who know the program are returning. Spot the mink looked rather demure when she arrived and took a piece of bologna gently from my hand but looked more like she was making a capture when she found a piece in the snow. A dark-eyed junco showed me his dark eye up close in what is now my favorite junco picture.

Mink Spot Mink Spot Mink SpotMink Spot


Tomorrow I get my second shot of Moderna vaccine.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center