Bear Center Action - UPDATE March 22, 2021


Ted showed that he knows how to remove foot pads just as well as Spanky does and that he can do it in color as is shown in this 4:22 video:

Tasha solved a minor mystery yesterday, showing that she does the same thing to her foot pads, even though she is from Kentucky where there have been no reports of bears removing their foot pads. Thank you, Tasha

Holly in Tashas denHolly in Tashas denYesterday afternoon, Tasha had a relaxed outing, not knowing she was about to have a hard night Last evening, while she was away from her den, Holly emerged from the den that Tasha had dug last fall and had usurped from Tasha for the winter. Holly then checked out Tasha’s rock den and rearranged the bedding, while Tasha opted to spend the night in the white pine cub tree.

Lucky took his first walk outside his den today eating grass, looking around, and then sipping some water from his tub before going back to his snug bed Feeding may start on Friday.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center