Tasha, Eagle and Raven Competitors, and the LilyPad Picnic - UPDATE March 19, 2021


Tasha took a stroll in this 7½-minute video by "Iowa." About 4 3/4 minutes into it Tasha practices her Ninja Warrior moves with a stick https://youtu.be/4MBKpsW5DGY

Back in the woods along a Bear Center nature trail, an eagle and ravens competed for a food prize. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3701745526583055

Out the window at the WRI, a crow and a hairy woodpecker looked intense, and a red-breasted nuthatch glowed in the setting sun.

Today, the Lilypad Picnic Committee announced that the Lilypad picnic fundraiser will go virtual again this year. They will post more details on their website (lilypadpicnic.com) as well as on their Facebook page (Lilypad Picnic Fan Page - Sponsored by NBF). To inquire about donating a silent auction item, or for more information, you can contact the committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hairy WoodpeckerHairy woodpecker Red breasted nuthatchRed-breasted nuthatch

Thanks once again to the dedicated Lilypad Picnic Committee.

Thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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