Record Heat, Bears on the Move - UPDATE March 09, 2021


With record-breaking temperatures across northeastern Minnesota (57°F in Ely), bears were on the move. Spanky took a 2 hour and about 15 minute jaunt. He kept us entertained prior to stepping out as is seen in this 4:57 minute video: While he was away, the vole had free rein as seen in this 2:08 video: Then, back in his bed about 8:50 PM, he settled in and ignored the drip that has become more of a stream as snow melts fast off the roof. He is sleeping on his side and breathing 12 times a minute, not the usual hibernation pattern of breaths with delays between them.

At the Bear Center, lean-looking Ted came out as is shown in this 7:37-minute video

And Tasha roamed, climbed the cub tree, drank from the stream, and just hung out up behind her rock den. She is still there now at 9:22 PM. Tasha is from Kentucky so her internal clock is set to winters that are not as long as here.

But the hard fact is that it is still officially winter here. Snow is forecast to arrive late tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center