Ted, Spanky, Spot, Guitar, and a Contest - UPDATE March 4, 2021

Spanky relaxingSpanky relaxing

TedTedA couple days ago, I had to go see Ted. As I walked up to his abode, the crust was almost sturdy enough Ted yawnTed yawnsto walk on. ‘Almost’ means ‘not really.’ Just when I thought it would hold me, it gave way, which meant a lot of losing my balance and stumbling around. When I got to his pen, I saw that he hadn’t gone for any walks yet but was glad to see a human. He rose up making happy sounds, gave a yawn, and looked at me like he wanted contact. I wanted to break the rules and go close, but saw that that hard crusted snow blocked the gate. I didn’t have to make any decisions about it. Ted’s nice greeting had already made my day, so I “Hi” to him from the fence and obeyed the rules. No other bear was visible.

Today, with good sun and 43 degrees Fahrenheit, Ted took his first walk but found the snow wouldn’t hold his weight any better than it held mine. He explored around a bit and decided to take it easy until the snow was harder or softer. He gingerly walked back to his chalet as is shown in this 2:08-minute video https://www.facebook.com/NorthAmericanBearCenter/videos/367126277590041

SpankySpanky taking a walk-about

Spanky also was in a mood for walking today. He took more walks today than I’ve seen him take all winter, but his walks were not in snow. They were 20 foot jaunts from his bed to the edge of the porch to eat snow over and over.

Mink SpotMink Spot Mink SpotMink Spot Mink GuitarMink Guitar


At the WRI, the two minks, Spot and Guitar, had no trouble staying on top of the snow as they roamed the area. I never saw them together, but I still suspect they will end together like in the Hallmark TV movies. Brilliant sun made their furry mink coats look luxurious when they stopped by outside my window.

And nowwww, from the Bear Center...

Hibernation Contest

Our ambassador bears will be waking from hibernation soon! Everyone will get the chance to guess the date each bear will come out of hibernation & how much they will weigh when they first step on the scale!

PRIZES: We’ll be giving each winner a cool “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” sign.

TO ENTER: Comment your guesses for each bear on this post https://www.facebook.com/NorthAmericanBearCenter/posts/1761784030657946 . Please no editing your entry once you’ve placed your guess.

Sample entry:
Ted- March 10, 500 lbs.
Lucky- March 11, 450 lbs.
Holly- March 12, 300 lbs.
Tasha- March 13, 250 lbs.

TO QUALIFY: Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha must come out of their den for 3 consecutive days and walk in their enclosure. The first of the 3 days will be the official winning date. The official dates will be determined by the North American Bear Center. All entries must be posted by March 14, 2020.

Note: You do not have to guess all 4 dates and weights correctly. For example: A winner could guess Lucky’s correct date, but incorrect weight. That person would win one prize for guessing Lucky’s date correctly. To break a tie, the first person that posts the correct date or weight will win. If no one guesses the correct date or weight, the person with the closest guess will win.

Good Luck!

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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