Spanky’s Tongue - UPDATE February 26, 2021


Watching Spanky lick up his urine in this video a couple days ago, we saw him extend his tongue farther than we’d ever seen. Today he quickly extended it again, it is the first clip in this video. It may have extended 2 inches but still was only a fraction the distance that other bears can extend their tongues beyond their lips. See this clip of Jewel for comparison. 

Dot long tongue 04 2003The bear in this picture is Dot, a bear that we followed from the time she and Donna were born to Blackheart in January 2000 until she was shot at 13 during hunting season on Friday the 13th of September, 2013. Her sibling Donna survives as a 21-year-old today. Dot was a sweetheart who will have a chapter in the book. This picture shows Dot in spring 2003 at the den where she produced her first litter. They were two females—Cinder, who had no black on her chest, and Trueheart, who had a white heart-shaped blaze. Many memories and stories. You may have seen Dot as a cub in Doug Hajicek’s Animal Planet documentary ‘The Man Who Walks With Bears’ (2001) and again as a mother at this den in a BBC program showing how a bear looks when infra-red light reveals the degree of heat loss from different parts of the body in winter. A portion of that program is now a video exhibit in the Hibernation Section of the North American Bear Center.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center