Spanky, Bugs, a Deer, Guitar, and Seeing More - UPDATE February 21, 2021


Spanky’s Den Cam Team now includes Chat Room Moderators and Den Watchers. There are currently 23 den watchers and counting with more needed. We’re also working bugs out of the system, like the problem of the time automatically resetting to Eastern Time when we want it to stay on Central Bear Time.

Spanky sleeps a lot but gets up from time to time to stretch, yawn, scratch, etc. This was the first I’ve seen Spanky yawn. He is hampered in life by not being able to extend his tongue more than an inch or so beyond his lips. That’s one reason he did not grow as fast as other bears at first. Now we see that when he yawns, he doesn’t extend his tongue like other bears do.

Here are some videos our wonderful supporters made of Spanky while he was active.

Yesterday, Pooch Pal captured this 2:27-minute video of Spanky 

Today, Taught caught this 11:23-minute video

and this 4:16-minute video, both of Spanky 

A deer did something no bear or deer has done here before. It crashed into a window, breaking the outer pane of a double window that will be a job to fix.

Mink GuitarMink Guitar Mink GuitarMink Guitar Red SquirrelRed Squirrel


Snow and wildlife brightened the landscape on this day that reached a welcome 32°F. The mink is Guitar. Red squirrels look scared and disappear when a mink appears.

Pooch Pal caught Bear Center Director Scott Edgett starting a 2-hour dog sled race in which he came in 11th out of 21 6-dog teams

If you miss something while watching Spanky’s den cam, here is a video showing how to go back in time. 12 hours in fact!
(This video was made on a laptop. If on a phone, you may need to click the title in the upper right corner of the video screen to view on YouTube)

If you are interested in volunteering to be a den watcher
click here: for details.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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