Valentine Day, Minus 50, Wildlife, Den Cam, More - UPDATE February 14, 2021

CrowCrowYesterday morning at 7 AM, the coldest temperature I heard was minus 38°F, but on the east side of Ely near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area the Ely Echo is reporting a new February 13 record of minus 50°F on Snowbank Lake.

ChickadeeChickadeeAlso yesterday, volunteer students from Vermilion Community College were working in the bitter cold to improve the Bear Center’s nature trails. I’m hearing excitement about our goals to make the nature trails longer and more educational with up-to-date QR technology and much more signage. We’re even thinking of a picnic table by an overlook. Work will continue all summer.

Then a nice thing happened on WELY radio last night at 9 PM. Susan Laine (the Cake Lady) and her husband Kurt have a new program that Donna says is the best thing she’s heard. And well she should have said that. Last night Susan started the program talking about her good friends and that Donna had selected the song ‘Waltzing With Bears’ as her Valentine song for us to dance to. Susan followed it up with my selection of ‘You Take My Breath Away’ as my song for Donna. That song came out in 1979, the year we met. It was very nice to hear all that on the radio. Thank you Susan.

The cold weather has birds and squirrels streaming to the sunflower seed hearts here with deer coming to alfalfa hay. When the crow was coming for suet, it saw me aim the camera and chose discretion as the better part of valor.

Hairy Woodpecker MaleHairy Woodpecker Male Red squirrelRed squirrel Mink spotMink Spot


Spot the mink came yesterday and today for bologna. When I crank open the window, she doesn’t back away. She dances around anxious for her treat. She gets a quarter slice at a time.

We are hoping for clarifications from the DNR on a couple den cam permit details so we can begin broadcasting soon.

Surgery Tuesday. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center