Mink, Doctor, and Getting the Updates - UPDATE February 10, 2021

Mink GuitarMink GuitarYesterday, the day started with the mink named Guitar making many visits with the temperature far below zero. He was hungry and readily took pieces of bologna confidently and gently from my hand. He knows the program and knows my voice as I say, “Come mink.” He stashed a lot of the pieces up in his third floor lair, so I went up to see and listen to some of that action. On the way back to get another piece, he spotted me inside the full length door window. Instead of running away, he stopped and looked in the window, first at my feet and then up to my face. I was standing very still so he wouldn’t notice me but I couldn’t keep any secrets from him. Somehow, the good feeling of being accepted and trusted by a wild animal lasts all day.

Mink GuitarMink GuitarDonna picked me up about 11:30 and drove me to Duluth for an appointment with the cardiologist who on December 27 placed the three stents where there was 100% blockage. Now is the right time to place two more stents where there is 80% blockage, which he will do this coming Tuesday. I’m very glad that all this has been found and is being fixed. It’s happening at a convenient time of the year, too. I very much appreciate the support I’ve gotten from so many of you, giving a feeling that lasts longer than a day!

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Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center