A Fun Day and a Den Cam Permit - UPDATE February 5, 2021

Yesterday was a fun day with Donna and grandkids Heinrick (11) and Gabrielle (9) coming to spend the night at the WRI. I stayed in, but they skied, walked on the lake ice, and checked on unoccupied beaver lodges. Mink guitarMink guitarThen the mink action started with Spot, then Guitar taking over, and Spot disappearing. Guitar made many trips stashing bologna, especially in his roof lair. Lots of excitement as the kids spotted him coming back and telling me to get ready with the camera as they snapped away with cell phones. None of us could get a good picture of Guitar’s chest mark out the window, so I stepped outside. He hesitated, looked at my clicking camera, and continued his business with the bologna.

Out the window, an out-of-season crow visited the suet. It looked at me sitting at my desk and didn’t fly away like most crows do. It just looked and continued working on the suet. I suspect it was a very familiar one from this past summer.

Eventually, deer took center stage as they came for their alfalfa hay—a dozen of them. The kids stayed up half the night watching bucks chase others away from the hay and seeing how the different deer responded differently to the kids in the window. Some scooted away. Others stared and eventually flicked their tails to say everything’s okay and went back to eating. A few just ignored them. The kids started naming them.

Donna gave them a good week of many activities: skating, sledding, shining flashlights down through the ice on lakes at night to see the bottom, making snowmen, and beating the grandparents in card games. For us, it was great to see their unending energy, active minds, and interest in everything around them, especially nature.

Gray JayGray Jay CrowCrow


On another note, the DNR sent us a den cam permit that I will soon sign to accept the very restrictive terms we will live with. We’ll make it work. More on that coming up.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center