Waiting for Word - UPDATE January 26, 2021

Deer 9 pointsDeer 9 pointsAs we wait for word from the DNR on our permit for radio collars and den cams, life goes on.

We were surprised to see that our 9-point buck still had his antlers on January 24th. Then yesterday, I saw something I had not seen before and did not know deer did. With the temperature at only 4°F, three deer stood calmly in shallow water not doing anything that I could see. The water, about 32°F, was a lot warmer than the air, but wouldn’t it freeze on their feet when they got out? Still learning here.

Also yesterday, the mink we are calling Guitar (a name you suggested) set a record by making over 60 fast and furious trips to cache nearly a pound of bologna (nearly half his or her weight). With such a food stash, he or she has not been seen since.

In nice sunshine, a male hairy woodpecker posed for a picture.

Meanwhile, as we wait for approval for the den cam, we are hearing your excitement. Teachers and home-school parents are saying how eager they are to use the den cam. Also, in this stay-at-home time of Covid, people are saying how they are looking forward to watching it daily. Den cam watchers who recorded data in the past are volunteering to do it again.

Hairy WoodpeckerHairy Woodpecker Deer in streamDeer in stream Mink GuitarMink Guitar


I don’t know why approval is taking so long. The permit request is for us to use radio collars and den cams like any other bear researcher.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center