Ted, Tasha, and the Book - UPDATE November 27, 2020

Red squirrelRed squirrel at the WRI

"Happycub" captured some text and pictures of Ted and Tasha’s activities this past week or so.


She caught a picture of handsome Ted and said, “Ted didn't wait for his 'Thanksgiving Meal' this year. He hibernated early and seems to be too comfortable to even consider playing with his bowl(s) (1 or 2 under his straw).”

Tasha on the creekTasha on the creek

For Holly, Lucky, and Tasha, she said, “Holly - we know is too content to make any attempt at an appearance - and the same goes for Handsome Lucky. Tasha has been the trooper this year - and seems to be settling in nicely in the rock den.” Happycub included pictures of “Tasha on the creek, licking ice;” and several of Tasha in her den. Notice the difference in bedding between the picture of her on November 19 and her resting in comfort on November 25. The four pictures from November 25 show the fruits of her week of gathering grass from far and wide and arranging it in her den. "Happycub" also said, “Awesome to have the Live Cam on a hibernating bear - as we continue to learn together. Let us hope for the wild bear cam approval.” Right on!

Tasha licking snow on 11-19Tasha licking snow on 11-19 Tasha peeking out 11-25Tasha peeking out 11-25

Here at the WRI, after a good day of following Dr. Michael W. Fox’s advice for Thanksgiving Day with Donna (“If you get writer’s block, take a break.”), the squirrels and I awoke to fresh snow followed by sunshine and, at least for me, a day of good thinking about a book chapter, a possible paper, Lily, and some possible exposure for Tasha. Good things happening.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center