Happy Thanksgiving - UPDATE November 25, 2020

I’m looking forward to tomorrow that Donna and I will spend together feeling thankfulBlack capped ChickadeeBlack capped Chickadee for so many things, including our health, in this time of covid. Just about all the couples we know are also spending the day alone. No update tomorrow because we’re not sure where we’ll be.

Today, I spent a day at my desk with squirrels and chickadees providing their company outside the window. With our fingers crossed, the den cam team is preparing for Lily’s den cam. We haven’t heard from the DNR yet, but I am excited at the thought of students who are studying at home in this time of covid being able to spice up their days watching Lily and cubs. For areas where students are in school, I’ve been hearing for years how teachers would love to have Lily and a den cam back in their classrooms. Red SquirrelRed SquirrelI hope the DNR wants to learn and educate as much as we do. I would love to show the world what the DNR and we can do together. Thank you for the support you showed for this during GiveMN.

At the Bear Center, Tasha is also teaching us what bears do in dens. "Happycub" captured two pictures of the action a couple days ago and described it well, saying, “Tasha was out at 10:30 am today - temps about 17 degrees. She went under the deck and ate seed/grasses? (hard to see her) then gathered another tumble weed of bedding and brought it back to the rock den where she spent quite some time rolling/rubbing/splitting it as if to rid it of something or soften it to her liking - like kneading bread for lack of a better description. I wish she could tell us. She then settled in deep in the back of the rock den pulling her bedding up around her at 11:15. She came out later again early evening from what I hear (I missed it) and did somewhat of the same. …Amazing stuff we're able to witness.”

Tasha Tasha

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center